• Lavendar Orchid

    A beautiful delicate orchid 16 x 12 Acrylic

  • Purple Iris

    Iris in Spring Garden

  • Angies Humming Bird

    This beautiful painting of a hummingbird in action is called Angies Hummingbird as it was done from a phot reference of Angie Vogels photograph 'Delicate Work'

  • Blue Mystique

    Blue Mystique Orchid Watercolor 30 x 22 (32 x 24 framed)

  • Blue Chaffinch

    The Blue Chaffinch is a species of passerine bird in the finch family Fringillidae. It is endemic to the islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria in Spain's Canary Islands.

  • Tenerife Goldcrest

    Tenerife Goldcrest is a very small passerine bird in the kinglet family, closely resembling the Goldcrest but with a broader black band across the forehead, slightly darker underparts and a longer bill. It breeds in the Canary Islands of Tenerife and La Gomera, where it is a non-migratory resident.

  • Fuerteventura Chat

    The Canary Islands Stonechat (Saxicola dacotiae), also known as the Fuerteventura Stonechat or Fuerteventura Chat, and formerly known as the Canary Islands Chat due to its once widespread distribution on the Canary Islands. It is a sedentary resident found only on the island of Fuerteventura where it is known as the Caldereta.

  • Sea Turtle

    Coral Reef with a Sea Turtle . One of my first and favorite watercolors. 12 x 16 (16 x 20 framed)

  • Humpback Whale

    Humpback whale breaching Acrylic 12 x 16

  • Solo Iris

    Solo Iris in watercolor

  • Barton Garden en Plein Air

    The Spring Garden at my home in Barton Vermont greets me when I arrive. These beautiful purple and white irises called to me to get out the paints and set up my plein air easel right the yard, not need to drive anyplace.

  • Palm Beach Flower Shop

    A flower stand on the iconic Worth Ave in the city of Palm Beach. Walking and painting on Worht Ave is a treat to the eyes.