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I am often asked 'What is Remodernism?"

As a Watermedia Artist who identifies as a 21st Century Remodernist Artist. I discovered I felt a kinship with the remodernists when I joined a group on RedBubble dedicated to this philosophy. Remodernism is defined by that RedBubble group by:

" As an Art Movement, it is somewhat unusual, insofar as it is defined by the artists’ intentions, rather than by any formal qualities of the artwork. In other words, Remodernism is a way of thinking about art, and the purpose of art, rather than a specific way of making it.

Briefly, Remodernists do not think that Modern Art is rubbish, we do not believe that communication via art is impossible, and we do believe that one of the legitimate goals of an artist can be the sincere expression of an authentic personal spirituality.

Spirituality does not equal religion. Religion is about beliefs and following rules. Spirituality is about the search for truth and Love."


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