• Seeking Peace

    Seeking Peace: The dove, a symbol of peace looks inward trying to find the peace and tranquility it is known for.

  • Entangled Heart Bang

    Entangled Heart: No matter what entangles ones heart, the life force within is the same and pulses true for all of us.

  • Tropical Winds

    Tropical Winds - The wind in the tropics can be deadly but it can also be beautiful as in this abstract of tropical tress blowing in the wind at sunset.

  • Big Bang

    Fractal Digital Image - Interpretation of the Big Bang Unfolding

  • Let there be Light

    Fractal Digital Image - Interpretation of the Let there be Light

  • Hidden Orchid

    Hidden Orchid is a mixed media piece from watercolor, photography, fractals and digital painting. It is meant to begin to uncover the hidden layers of an orchids beauty.

  • Mystic Dahlia

    Mystic Dahlia is a mixed media digital image incorporating watercolor, photography and digital painting meant to contemplate the wonders of nature.

  • Order from Chaos

    Fractile Digital Image - Interpretation of Order from Chaos

  • Expanding Universe

    Fractile Digital Image - Interpretation of Expanding Universe

  • Searching

    Searching is a Fractile Digital Image - Interpretation is quest of searching within the universe.